While Americans may look, think, believe, and act differently, the ties that bind us are still stronger than the forces that want to divide us.

And although we espouse a wide range of social and political views, our diverse opinions are the root of our democracy.

We may live in small towns or large urban centers, but we are yet inextricably bound together by our shared American spirit and values.

And even as prevailing economic, social, and political realities expose the remnants of our fears and insecurities, they do not reveal an inclination for people to hate one another.

In America, we may scream and shout about conditions and circumstances that seem unfair or unjust, but we always take a deep breath and somehow shift our focus to “where do we go from here” collectively.

When we are faced with crises, it is our kindred spirit which moves us closer together and not farther apart.

For the broader American populace, we choose to LOVE and not hate each other, in good and bad times.

We are more akin to a very large family whose members sometimes argue and fight, but then make up and lean on each other, because at the end of the day, we are one united nation.

In America, LOVE does not mean we agree on everything, and it doesn’t mean that we give up the beliefs and opinions which define us.

Instead, LOVE is synonymous to mutual respect and tolerance for how we are unique and different, but yet the same.