Square Letters

Matthew 9: 35-38

“We need to slow down so that we can hear more clearly and concisely what the voice of God is instructing us to say and do. We must move beyond our old habits, traditions, and the comforts and conveniences of life. Our world is searching for visible expressions of God’s authentic and unconditional love, as a response to the spiritual, social, and economic conditions around us. Now is the appointed time for committed, compassionate, and consistent godly ambassadors to make the kingdom of God a reality and not some figment of people’s imaginations.”


“……….one wonders whether the vast majority of school-aged youth even recognize how blessed they are to have access to basic public education…..In parts of the world where access to local schools is scarce, we know that young people often travel for hours to attend classes….they attend makeshift classrooms in grass huts or rundown shacks…..In America, where K12 education is free….too many parents and students take elementary and secondary education for granted and approach it as if it could never be taken away from them.”


“Everyday Americans view them as greedy, egotistical, and corrupt, without appreciating or knowing firsthand the inner workings of their daily routines. Perhaps the presumption that their vast treasure chests can buy them so much influence, power, and access, is what ordinary people tend to despise about this type of exclusive club. The criticisms that are routinely leveled at Wall Street-types can be applied to most professions and industries, because greed, egoism, and corruption are not confined to Wall Street. We see these same tendencies in Washington and in the very Main Street professions that most of us work.”


“So much of what we take for granted about public schools can actually produce a level of stability, discipline, and freedom that is very often missing from the lives of students whose time away from school is filled with very little structure and discipline. Schools can also serve as the safe haven or sanctuary that some children need……To ensure that every child is given sufficient space to explore new ideas, learn from their classmates, and discover areas of interest to them does not require more from our schools. Instead, all we need are…..patient hearts and open arms for every child who enters a schoolhouse, regardless of circumstance.”


“……..what we’ve underestimated is the growing complicity among political and media elites and other pundits to try and control public discourse and opinion. In the process, a disturbing and unhealthy strain of condescension has surfaced and caused these elitist factions to somehow believe that they have the authority to make determinations and decisions about other people’s lives, what and whose opinions they listen to, and what they read. Added to these misconceptions is a subtle but shocking disdain for people who don’t look or talk like them, live in their neighborhoods, or attend their schools.”



A Calling to Fulfill

Trahud Enterprises is a collaboration of my interests, ideas, and ventures, designed primarily to facilitate exchange and dialogue among the stakeholders and constituencies which make up the nonprofit, private, public, and religious sectors. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, my goal is to help professionals and organizations create solutions that will effectively transform individual lives and build productive communities.

My commitment as a writer, minister, entrepreneur, and teacher is to develop and promote ways for persons to utilize their gifts and abilities to fulfill their callings and aspirations in life. I am equally dedicated to marshaling the proficiencies and distinctive competencies of the entities which comprise our faith and civic communities, social service and private industries, and philanthropic sector, as a means toward sustaining and securing our nation’s hope, promise, and destiny.

My greatest desire is for people everywhere to discover how they can use what they already have, to help build healthy and productive neighborhoods and communities where they live, work, learn, and play. Through personal will and dedication, people from all walks of life can assist in the reconciliation, transformation, and restoration that are so desperately needed across our national landscape.