Square Letters

“Who Will Lead Us? Unity Will Take Courage”

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, July 2016 The conditions before us demand that we respond in personal and courageous ways in order to resolve our nation’s racial quagmire. There are small and large steps that we must take individually and collectively to arrive at our...

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“Black Lives Matter: Work Together to Correct Flaws”

Read this article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette | Published December 2014 | If America is going to reach her destination of racial healing, reconciliation, and unity, then young black lives have to matter and must be accounted for. The lives of every single American citizen are integral to our nation becoming the more perfect union that is our divine destiny.

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“Teacher Compensation is a Necessary Carrot”

Read this article in the Education News | Published October 2012 America’s classroom teachers have earned the right to be compensated in ways that both acknowledge their contributions to the lives of students and reward them for their ability to foster growth and...

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