Memorial Day 2020 takes on an even more special meaning for me.

While we’ve always paused to reflect, pay tribute, and offer thanks for the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice for Americans, as they serve our beloved America, this year there are scores of servants who are on the front lines fighting a war that is new and unprecedented – the war against the coronavirus virus pandemic and the COVID19 disease.

Over the past few months, I’ve wondered how we as Americans might express our deepest gratitude to the men and women who are on the front lines of the war against this deadly and unforgiving infectious disease.

For me, the question is how do we honor the leaders, workers, volunteers, etc. who are serving and sacrificing tirelessly so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives.

How do we say thanks to those at every level of our government, public health, science, health, medical, business, industry, churches, ministries, charities, food pantries, sanitation, law enforcement, firefighters, military, first responders, distribution, delivery, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants, utilities, communications, and many more product and service professions and industries.

It seems to me that the highest and most respected honor that we offer in America is the military honor. So my prayer and hope is that when all of this is said and done, every servant, worker, volunteer, leader, professional, profession, industry, and sector receives not only financial compensation, but the highest military honor, perhaps a new military designation, for answering the call to service and sacrifice.

So, as we celebrate Memorial Day 2020, I want to salute all of those who are on the front lines, fighting against the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID19 disease, on behalf of America and Americans.

In God we trust…..💖