Depending on who you talk to or affiliate with, God is on the side of either Democrats or Republicans.

However, the absolute truth is that He is neither Republican or Democrat.

My best guess is God can be considered Independent of all political affiliation — after all, He is God.

God represents His Kingdom alone, nothing more or less.

He is not any more concerned about righteousness than He is about social justice.

In fact, God is both righteous and just.

America’s politics has at its center particular social and cultural realities, while the Kingdom of God sets itself apart from existing culture as well as social mores.

Yet, God created us all as social beings who are called to bring Light into the darkness of our culture.

For so many who desire to know whose side is God on, my belief is that God is not on any side.

More appropriately, our desire must be to ensure that we are on God’s side — the side of righteousness, peace, justice, unity, and all that defines the heart and character of God.


“For the kingdom of God is…..righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans 14:17 (ESV)