The threats and terror within too many of our nation’s schools are incomprehensible.

The greatest risk facing schoolchildren had been defined by classroom issues, namely teaching and learning – but now this!

Not too many of us could have predicted this new type of menace which is threatening the very essence of how we educate our children and youth.

We are all probably feeling some combination of shame, disgust, and sadness, because educators and students can no longer assume safety and security when they enter schoolhouses.

These new threats expose our seeming inability to protect American schoolchildren and their adult supervisors from dangers that used to be an anomaly.

We’ve somehow failed in our mandate to provide the kind of sanctuaries that insulate and isolate our young people from this new wave of predators.

For sure, our schools reflect the effects and influences of our changed culture, just as our families and other institutions do.

These new realities present a range of challenges to the structure and expectations of what schools look like and how they operate.

Like most Americans, I never thought I’d see the day when schoolchildren didn’t want to go to school, not due to a lack of interest in academics, but because of fear that they might be shot or killed.

Nevertheless, this is yet another opportunity to restore the confidence and faith in our school systems.

Perhaps, this is one of those moments in our history which will ultimately redefine how students learn and teachers teach.