All that is good, perfect, and right within our hearts is rooted in love.

Love softens a heart which has been hardened by anger or bitterness.

Love heals a heart which has been torn apart by strife or division.

Love forgives when one’s emotions and feelings cannot or will not.

Love fills voids or emptiness in a heart which has been betrayed.

Love removes hurt and pain caused by loss or devastation.

Where love prevails, it becomes easier to forgive and even forget.

Where love prevails, we reveal our capacity to be patient and understanding.

Where love prevails, old things and old feelings pass away.

Love never fails, if we remember our own brokenness, failures, and weaknesses.

Love never fails, when we resist the temptation to judge, but instead, embrace the need to be humble and merciful.


1 Corinthians 13:8 “Love never fails….”