Paying tribute to dads, the men in our lives.

Dads who stand tall and model godly fatherhood with humility, integrity, and authenticity.

Fathers who lead their families on how to live as Christ followers.

Fathers who are bold and do not sugarcoat life’s challenges, peaks, and valleys.

Men who are humble enough to admit and show their brokenness, insecurities, and shortcomings.

Real men who lead and teach what godliness and Christian faith look like.

Men who don’t pretend to lead a perfect life, but a submitted life to always be teachable and always growing.

Indeed, fathers who can look forward to the days when their children will surely say “thank you” for unconditional love, authenticity, and honesty.

Bravo to dads for an amazing testimony before the Lord – a testimony marked by loving and godly stewardship over sons and daughters who deserve role models and living epistles for Christ.