Americans have a lot to be thankful for, even as thousands of people continue to lose homes, retirement savings, and jobs. The loss of material resources and tangible assets must not be the ultimate measure of our security, comfort, and true wealth as individuals, families, or as a country. Families and communities should be comforted by their aggregate capacities to share their resources in ways that can save family members and friends who may have been negatively affected by difficult economic and social times. The current economic challenges that have consumed the lives of so many people for the past few years are an opportunity for all of us to reflect and take inventory of what we do possess spiritually and emotionally. The benefits of life, health, and soundness of mind are priceless privileges that not all people can take for granted. My hope is that we shift our focus away from material losses that are replaceable and toward spiritual and intrinsic values that may not be recaptured or are not at all recoverable at some point along the way.
The United States of America is still a blessed and prosperous nation, and continues to possess the will, spirit, fortitude, and national resources to ensure the dreams and hopes for every American citizen. Because our world has changed dramatically and we are surrounded by evil and uncertain forces that are at once unpredictable and dangerous, we should definitely be thankful for the fact that we are largely safe and secure in our homes, on our jobs, and as we go about our daily routines. For so long, we have been able to take for granted things like the freedom of speech and all sorts of civil and individual liberties, until we have not truly appreciated the restrictions and injustices that hinder so many global citizens. Now is a good time for us to radically shift our energies and priorities so that we exhibit a new sense of humility and thankfulness for what’s truly precious – life, health, freedom, peace, and liberties.