Read this article in the Education News | Published October 2012

America’s classroom teachers have earned the right to be compensated in ways that both acknowledge their contributions to the lives of students and reward them for their ability to foster growth and development for schoolchildren. Most of us underestimate the talents, skills, and training necessary to do classroom instruction well. Everyday people fail to realize how difficult it is to manage ten to thirty student personalities all at once – most of us have a hard time managing a hand full of people at the same time. The creativity, competence, commitment, flexibility, and leadership that are needed to be a successful classroom manager should give all of us a reason to pause and reflect on how simple our daily routines are in comparison to that of a teaching professional.

The daily realities and challenges of teaching in our elementary and secondary schools underscore the urgency to elevate how we compensate those who choose to nurture and train our next generation of citizens, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and workers. While we as a nation have allowed ourselves to devalue and ignore the importance of teachers over the past few decades, my hope is that it doesn’t take us as long to resurrect the profession back to its proper level of prominence and stature among career choices for youth.

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