The life of Jesus Christ is our blueprint for “greatness” as disciples for the kingdom of God.

It teaches us that a place of honor is not something you ask for.

It’s not something that the world can give you.

In fact, a place of honor in God’s kingdom is bestowed upon you.

Greatness in God’s eyes is marked by service to others.

It’s not given to us or handed to us on a silver platter.

Greatness is an honor given by God, not by man.

God has prepared such an honor for those who commit to service and sacrifice.

We don’t get to choose who is great in God’s kingdom, He does that.

Our responsibility is to operate with a servant’s mentality, as opposed to a selfish mentality.

We shouldn’t spend time seeking praise and positions from the world around us.

Instead, our focus ought to be on serving and giving.

We have a role model in Jesus Christ, and he has taught and shown us what greatness in the kingdom of God looks and acts like.


— Mark 10: 35-45